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Phone: 011-52-987-872-4567
Fax: 011-52-987-872-7558
Ave. A.R. Salas #85 between
Ave. Melgar and 5 Ave.
P.O. Box 165
Cozumel, Mexico 77600

dive cozumel/yellow rose
is an IANTD Platinum Technical Training
Facility #539 and a
PADI International Resort Association #19398, C.M.A.S,/N.A.C.D/

Dive Cozumel offers High Quality Recreational and Nitrox Instruction to prepare you for awesome diving experiences. Recreational Dive training is the foundation for most people of their lifetime diving experience.

We at Dive Cozumel are committed to training recreational divers with a sound basic methodology and strong fundamental skills which will enhance their diving experience and prepare them for continuing education if that is their choice.

We offer Hogarthian oriented training. What does that imply? Quite simply, in our way of thinking it is the safest, simplest, most efficient system being employed today for top diving performance. This system is being employed today by the majority of cave explorers and cutting edge technical divers. Originated by Bill Hogarth Main a cave diving pioneer and educator its tenets are both minimalism (if you don’t need it don’t take it) and an assiduous persuit of perfection in both preparation and configuration.

Our incredible dive packages offer you the best of Cozumel diving! One tank, two tanks, three tank, night, dives, shore dives and specialty sites are all available. We divide up groups into 6-8 divers, each with their own Dive Master/Instructor Guide. The groups are staggered at five minutes intervals, insuring small boat quality diving with large boat comfort and live aboard amenities. Get started with some quality instruction, and your diving experiences will begin with the premier scuba dive shop in Cozumel – Dive Cozumel… one of the best diving locations in the world.

PADI Recreational Instruction

 Discover Scuba Diving

 Open Water Diver Certification  $400.00*
 Referral Certification  $180.00*
 Advanced Open Water Diver  $275.00*
 Rescue Diver  $375.00
 Medic First Aid  $125.00
 Divemaster  $750.00
* Includes boat dives.


We also offer PADI Specialties:
Night and Deep Diving
U/W Navigation
Dry Suit
U/W Naturalist
Equipment Specialist

IANTD Nitrox Instruction

 Basic Nitrox  $250.00

One day 4-6 hrs theory, 2 dives. Includes gas mixes, boat dives and cert fees.

 Deep Air  $350.00

Learn to venture deeper safely, learn decompression theory, redundant systems. Requires 120 minutes bottom time. Includes cert fees and boat dives.

 Advanced Nitrox  $350.00

The foundation for mixed gas diving, the course includes theory and water skills, 120 minutes of bottom time, EANx mixes and boat dives.

 Deep Air/Advanced Nitrox  Combo  $600.00

Includes theory and water skills, minimum of 160 minutes bottom time. Includes EANx mixes and boat dives.

 Overhead Environment Diver  $400.00

Learn and develop wreck and cavern diving skills within the limits of light penetration. Acquire risk management skills necessary to dive overhead environments.

Dive Trips
7:00 a.m. sunrise trip, 9:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.

 3 tank dive

 2 tank dive  $80.00
 1 tank dive  $45.00
 Night dive  $50.00
 Shore night dive  $30.00

 Specialty night dives
 (Santa Rosa, Columbia, Pta Sur)



Specialty Sites

 (Barracuda, Chunchukaab, Islote,
 Maracaibo, San Juan Wall)

 add $10.00
 East Side Charter (min 6 pax)  $125.00



 Nitrox Tanks (EAN 32 & 36)

 Nitrox Tanks (EAN 50)  $15.00
 Nitrox Tanks (EAN 80)  $20.00
 O2 Fills  $20.00
 Helium (per ft3)  $0.95



 Full Set of Gear

 Dive Computer  $10.00
 Wet Suit  $8.00
 Lights  $8.00



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Open Water Certification


Dive Gear


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PADI International Resort Association #19398 and I.A.N.T.D. Platinum Technical Training Facility#539

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